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Expand your career,
develop your leadership potential and
create your legacy in medicine

LAMP coaching programs utilize proven methodologies that help doctors to thrive. LAMP coaching provides fulfillment to doctors who are willing to challenge themselves. It enables you to grow to higher levels in you career and build your legacy in medicine. It is an ambition for many of us to see doctors thrive in functional health systems. Coaching gives doctors an opportunity to peel off ambiguity in their career journeys – until they can clearly see the light that they too can pass to others for brighter health systems.

Health systems in many parts of the world require so much from doctors. To give what is required from us, to lead and transform health systems especially in Africa we ought to trust our innate ability to create a future of what doesn’t exist. But how do we pivot our core competencies to assist in building lasting legacies in medicine? We can do this through coaching specifically designed for doctors.


The coaching philosophy in all the LAMP programs harnesses these unique capabilities and aspirations that doctors have to expand their careers, develop their leadership potential and co-create legacies in medicine.

The Sceptre

Since time immemorial, medical doctors have held a special leadership position in society. At times these positions are thrust upon us, and at times we have to seek them. It has been shown that where there is good leadership, doctors thrive, and that leaders make better doctors. At LAMP we make the reverse true, by harnessing the leadership potential that doctors have so that wherever they ought to lead

The Phoenix

Career resilience is about staying power in medicine; and bouncing back from adversity. With the overwhelming healthcare situations we often find ourselves resilience helps one develop perspective, introspect and emerge stronger as a resource in medicine. This program is mainly relevant for those who ask themselves the following questions:

The Acropolis

You have been wondering how you would want to be remembered in your career, and want to proactively collate nuggets in your journey that will help build this legacy. We become who we are through the deposits of many a great warrior who has walked ahead of us. We have learnt medicine, skills, maneuvers, approaches and even mannerisms from those who we took as mentors